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SATURDAY, 2nd Week in Ordinary Time

January 20, 2018 – SATURDAY, 2nd Week in Ordinary Time 

Sts. Fabian, Pope, and Sebastian, Martyrs Green.


2 Sm 1: 1 - 4, 11- 12, 19, 23 - 27 / Mk 3: 20 – 21


St. Fabian, a layman elected Pope in 236, was martyred under Decius in 250.


St. Sebastian, an officer on Diocletian's imperial guard who converted to

Christianity, was martyred in 288 by order of the Emperor.


FROM THE 1ST READING:             2 Sm 1: 19, 23- 27

Your glory, 0 Israel, is slain upon your mountains! How the mighty ones have fallen! ...


"Saul and Jonathan, beloved and cherished, neither in life or death were they parted; swifter than eagles they were stronger than lions. Women of Israel, weep over Saul who clothed you in precious scarlet. How the valiant have fallen! In the midst of the battle Jonathan lies slain in your mountains.. I grieve for you, brother Jonathan; how dear have you been to me! Your love for me was wonderful, even more than the love of women. How the valiant have fallen! The weapons of war have perished!"


GOSPEL READING:           Mk 3: 20- 21

They went home. The crowd began to gather again and they could not even have a meal. Knowing what was happening, his relatives came to take charge of him: "He is out of his mind," they said.



In the first reading David composes a poem mourning the death of Saul and Jonathan. When someone is born, we rejoice; when someone dies, we mourn and grieve our loss. If the deceased had lived a good and exemplary life, we also rejoice because he has accomplished his purpose in life. We also believe he will be duly rewarded in the afterlife.


In the Gospel reading Jesus and his followers are in a flurry of activities preaching the Good News all over the countryside and did not even have time to eat. Large crowds come to Jesus to hear him and to be cured of their illnesses. Jesus' relatives think he was going out of his mind in his endless activities. They did not fully appreciate his God-given mission in life. Clearly Jesus was being led by the Spirit to do what he had to.


When someone is doing good, let us not stop or hinder him. On the contrary let us support and emulate him. And in our own lives let us be ready to be led by the Spirit where he wills: let us not be stifled by conventions or people's opinions.





     Catherine Sy Choa

     Paul Hernandez

     Oscar Pobre 



     Hilton and Rosana Chua Fang



     Jose Umchutick (19 Jan 1925 - 20 Jan 2074)


Finally, we pray for one another, for those who have asked our prayers and for those who need our prayers the most. 


Have a good day!



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