Friday, August 15, 2014


Saturday 19th Week in Ordinary Time

August 16, 2014
Saturday 19th Week in Ordinary Time
[St. Rock, St. Stephen of Hungary]

Ez 18: 1-10, 13b, 30-32/ Ps 51: 12-13, 14-15, 18-19/ Mt 19: 13-15

Reading: Ez 18: 1-10, 13b, 30-32
The word of Yahweh came to me in these terms, "Why are you applying this proverb to the land of Israel: 'The parents have eaten sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge?' As I live, word of Yahweh, this proverb will no longer be quoted in Israel. All life is in my hands, the life of the parent and the life of the child are mine. The lives of both are in my hands, so the one who sins will die. Imagine a man who is righteous and practices what is just and right. He does not eat in the mountain shrines, or look towards the filthy idols of Israel, does not defile his neighbor's wife, or have intercourse with a woman during her period; he molests no one, pays what he owes, does not steal, gives food to the hungry and clothes to the naked, demands no interest on a loan and doesn't lend for interest, refrains from injustice, practices true justice, man to man, follows my decrees and obeys my laws in acting loyally. Because such a man is truly righteous, he will live, word of Yahweh. But perhaps this man has a son who steals and sheds blood, committing crimes which his father never did. Will such a man live? No, he will not! Because he has committed all these abominations he will die: his guilt will fall upon him. That is why I will judge you, Israel, each one according to his ways, word of Yahweh. Come back, turn away from your offenses, that you may not deserve punishment. Free yourselves from all the offenses you have committed and get a new heart and a new spirit. Why should you die, Israel? I do not want the death of anyone, word of Yahweh, but that you be converted and live!"

Gospel: Matthew 19:13-15
Then little children were brought to Jesus that he might lay his hands on them with a prayer. But the disciples scolded those who brought them. Jesus then said, "Let them be! Do not stop the children from coming to me, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to people such as these." So Jesus laid his hands on them and went his way.

     How do we see God? Like doubtful adults or trusting children? Jesus wants us to see him like how children see things. That's because kids usually come with that innate sense to have complete faith in something that they don't understand. They just believe and have that complete trust because they've been graced with childlike wonder. They are just happy to be loved and to love in return. In their young lives, nothing is that complicated . . . yet.
     The people brought little children because they knew that Jesus would welcome them into his loving embrace. But the disciples stopped them because they wanted to shield Jesus from their rambunctiousness. Jesus rebuked his disciples for stopping the children from approaching him. Jesus liked kids and demonstrated that God's love has room for everyone, especially children. Everyone is important to God because we are all his children, too.  So if God loves everyone, we must try to love everyone as well, including the little ones, those who have less in life. Can we show kindness and understanding to all who are children in the eyes of God?

Prayer Requests:
We pray ...
... for a deep and profound respect for life, especially for the unborn.
... for all the prayer intentions in the MTQ Dailyprayer Diary.
... for families who are in need of healing.
... for world peace and reconciliation.
... for the repose of the soul of Rufina dela Cruz

... for the birthday intentions of Fr. Roque Ferriols, S.J.

Finally, we pray for one another, for those who have asked our prayers and for those who need our prayers the most.

Have a good day!

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