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Monday, 19th Week in Ordinary Time

08 August 2016

Monday, 19th Week in Ordinary Time

St. Dominic, Priest

Memorial.          White.          


Ez 1:2 - 5, 24 - 28c / Mt 17: 22 – 27


St. Dominic (1170 – 1221), from Spain, founded the Order of Preachers (Dominicans).


Gospel Reading: Mt. 17:22 – 27

While Jesus was in Galilee with the Twelve, he said to them, "The Son of Man will be delivered into human hands, and they will kill him. But he will rise on the third day." The Twelve were deeply grieved.  


When they returned to Capernaum, the Temple tax collectors came to Peter and asked him, "Does your master pay the temple tax?"  He answered, "Certainly."


Peter then entered the house, but immediately Jesus asked him, "What do you think, Simon? Who pay taxes or tributes to the kings of the earth: their sons or the other people?"  Peter replied, "The others." And Jesus told him, "The sons, then, are tax-free.  But so as not to offend these people, go to the sea, throw in a hook and open the mouth of the first fish you catch. You will find a coin in it, take it and let it pay for you and for me."



The reading today states the truth that Jesus is indeed God and Man. Taking the form of man, our Lord abides with what they ask of him. 


He talks about he, being "delivered to human hands" and to be killed by them.  He (the man that he was), although he submits, continues to say that he would rise again (the God he is).  


He shows obedience to man's law by paying his taxes even if he finds something wrong in the system.  He takes note of the fact that the sons of the kings of the earth do not pay taxes.  


Jesus points out that even he, who is God abides by the law of man regardless, if the head is dishonest or not.  If we consider ourselves followers of Jesus, will we do the same? Many of us complain about our government taxes but in the end we will have to ask ourselves, is it abiding by the law of our country to pay these?   If we say yes, then so be it.


We may question the fairness in this case but this is the teaching of Jesus and an example he has set. To understand further let us look into the following Scripture text:    "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing and give thanks to God at every moment. This is the will of God, your vocation as Christians." (1 Thes 5:16-18)   


How is this related to our reading? We accept whatever comes our way and rejoice always because the Lord's justice is to come. How? When we pray without ceasing for "the sons and the others" change happens. Why? Because there is no unanswered prayer. The will of God is fulfilled in our life and vocation as Christians. 


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