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APRIL 9, 2010

ACTS 4:1-12
While they were still talking to the people the priests came up to
them, accompanied by the captain of the Temple and the Sadducees. They
were extremely annoyed at their teaching the people the resurrection
from the dead by proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus. They arrested
them, and, as it was already late, they kept them in prison till the
next day. But many of those who had listened to their message became
believers; the total number of men had now risen to something like
five thousand. It happened that the next day the rulers, elders and
scribes held a meeting in Jerusalem with Annas the high priest,
Caiaphas, Jonathan, Alexander and all the members of the high-priestly
families. They made the prisoners stand in the middle and began to
interrogate them, 'By what power, and by whose name have you men done
this?' Then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, addressed them,
'Rulers of the people, and elders! If you are questioning us today
about an act of kindness to a cripple and asking us how he was healed,
you must know, all of you, and the whole people of Israel, that it is
by the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, whom you crucified, and God
raised from the dead, by this name and by no other that this man
stands before you cured. This is the stone which you, the builders,
rejected but which has become the cornerstone. Only in him is there
salvation; for of all the names in the world given to men, this is the
only one by which we can be saved.'

JOHN 21:1-14
Later on, Jesus revealed himself again to the disciples. It was by the
Sea of Tiberias, and it happened like this: Simon Peter, Thomas called
the Twin, Nathanael from Cana in Galilee, the sons of Zebedee and two
more of his disciples were together. Simon Peter said, 'I'm going
fishing.' They replied, 'We'll come with you.' They went out and got
into the boat but caught nothing that night. When it was already
light, there stood Jesus on the shore, though the disciples did not
realize that it was Jesus. Jesus called out, 'Haven't you caught
anything, friends?' And when they answered, 'No,' he said, 'Throw the
net out to starboard and you'll find something.' So they threw the net
out and could not haul it in because of the quantity of fish. The
disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, 'It is the Lord.' At these
words, 'It is the Lord,' Simon Peter tied his outer garment round him
(for he had nothing on) and jumped into the water. The other disciples
came on in the boat, towing the net with the fish; they were only
about a hundred yards from land. As soon as they came ashore they saw
that there was some bread there and a charcoal fire with fish cooking
on it. Jesus said, 'Bring some of the fish you have just caught.'
Simon Peter went aboard and dragged the net ashore, full of big fish,
one hundred and fifty-three of them; and in spite of there being so
many the net was not broken. Jesus said to them, 'Come and have
breakfast.' None of the disciples was bold enough to ask, 'Who are
you?'. They knew quite well it was the Lord. Jesus then stepped
forward, took the bread and gave it to them, and the same with the
fish. This was the third time that Jesus revealed himself to the
disciples after rising from the dead.

The resurrection of Jesus did not happen in a spectacular way in the
presence of the multitude. The resurrection happened quietly while the
people were still asleep in the early dawn with no human present near
his tomb, except for the guards posted outside by the High priests to
ensure that his disciples would not steal his body and claim that he
had risen. The disciples only saw an empty tomb. Mary Magdalene
thought the empty tomb meant that the Jews had taken the body of

Immediately after his resurrection, Jesus first appeared only to Mary
Magdalene and his disciples, people who already believed in him and
hoped for his resurrection as he promised them. Even in his
appearances before Mary Magdalene and his disciples, they did not
immediately recognize him. Thomas even demanded that he must first
show the wounds in his hands and feet and in his side before he would
believe. We are blessed because as Jesus told Thomas: "Blessed are
those who have not seen and yet believe."

We pray …
… for a deep and profound respect for life, especially for the
… for the speedy recovery and healing of
- Rita Cuerva
- Ely Lara
- Jessy
- Jo Marcelo
- Jun Lee
- Cesar Galang
- Julie B. Manzon
- Christian G. Santos
- Aimee Chuaching
- Gemma
… for the personal intentions of
- Josheil Dapo
- Julie Barayoga Manzon and Glenn Manzon
- Glenn Dale Manzon, John Dale Manzon and Pat Manzon
- Mariano M.
… for comfort and strength:
- Gerry and Gemma Santos
- Pedro Mata
- Manuel C.
… In Thanksgiving: Manzon family, Barayoga family
… for the eternal repose of the souls of
- Kathryn O. Lim
- Marizza F. Anonas
- Edison Coseteng
- Lourdes Vergara Barayoga, Domingo Barayoga Jr., Charlie Castro
- Asilda Guanzon
- Gaudencio Ogatis
Eternal rest grant unto them and may perpetual light shine upon them.
May they and all the dearly departed rest in peace.
… for all the prayer intentions in the MTQ Dailyprayer Diary.
- Birthday: Fr. J. Cesar R. Marin, S.J.
- Birthday: Yolanda B. Capistrano
- Birthday: Emilio Ballesteros
- Birthday: Matthew Harris L. Ngo
- Wedding Anniversary: Bobby & Rowie Cordon
… for the healing and peace of all families

Finally, we pray for one another, for those who have asked our prayers
and for those who need our prayers the most.

Have a good day!


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