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Weekday, 23rd Week in Ordinary Time

06 September 2016  

Weekday, 23rd Week in Ordinary Time 



1 Cor 6:1 – 11 / Lk 6: 12  – 19


Gospel Reading: Lk 6:12 – 19

At this time Jesus went out into the hills to pray, spending the whole night in prayer with God. When day came, he called his disciples to him and chose twelve of them whom he called apostles: Simon, whom he named Peter, and his brother Andrew, James and John; Philip and Bartholomew; Matthew and Thomas; James son of Alpheus and Simon called the Zealot; Judas son of James, and Judas Iscariot, who would be the traitor.

Coming down the hill with them, Jesus stood on a level place. Many of his disciples were there and a large crowd of people who had come from all parts of Judea and Jerusalem and from the coastal cities of Tyre and Sidon. They gathered to hear him and be healed of their diseases; likewise people troubled by evil spirits were healed. The entire crowd tried to touch him because of the power that went out from him and healed them all.



Jesus names the twelve apostles in today's Gospel reading, chosen from a larger group of disciples.  The Twelve, led by Peter, will form the core of his helpers in his mission of preaching the Good News, healing the sick and those troubled with evil spirits. The Twelve also includes Judas Iscariot woud be betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.

After Jesus rose from the dead and as he returned to his Father in heaven, he commissioned the Eleven (the Twelve less Judas Iscariot) to "go out to the whole world and proclaim the Good News to all creation. The one who believes and is baptized will be saved; the one who refuses to believe will be condemned." (Mk 16: 15 – 16; Acts1: 1 – 11)


Our bishops led by the Roman Pontiff who is the Bishop of Rome continue the work of the apostles, assisted by priests, religious and lay people.  They proclaim the Good News to all creation: all the baptized are missioned by their baptism to participate in proclaimng and sharing the Good News of our salvation with all of creation.

We note that before Jesus named the Twelve, he "went out into the hills to pray, spending the whole night in prayer with God."  Many times in his public ministry Jesus would go off into the hills in order to spend quiet time in prayer and communion with his Father.  Before he began his public ministry, after his baptism by John in the Jordan River, "Jesus was now full of the Holy Spirit.  As he returned from the Jordan, the Spirit led him into the desert where he was tempted by the devil for forty days." (Lk 4: 1 – 2a)

By his example Jesus teaches us of the necessity of prayer and communion with God in our lives, in whatever we may be doing.






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For the eternal repose of the soul of Cipriano Maribojoc.


Finally, we pray for one another, for those who have asked our prayers and for those who need our prayers the most. 


Have a good day!



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