Thursday, November 17, 2005


inJesus Community Update

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inJesus Community Update
Dave Moore & Benj Miller
Nov 17, 2005

inJesus Community,


Greetings church! We do not often send out emails to the community as a whole nor do we plan to; however, we feel this is an appropriate time to introduce ourselves and share all the exciting happenings with inJesus.


A couple weeks ago, Warren Bare, the inJesus founder, introduced us (Dave & Benj) to your Group Managers as the new leadership team for We are working diligently to get to know your groups… which will take some time as inJesus is now over one million subscribers strong!!! We will post our bios online soon so you can get to know us as well. Know that the ministry of inJesus is truly a passion for both of us and we are honored to serve beside you.


The fun stuff…

In December you will notice a face lift on! The site will look quite different but will function very similarly. In the New Year, we will integrate several helpful tools that will increase options and create easier, more efficient communication for your groups.


These new tools will cost money, but we certainly don't want you or your group managers to incur the expense. In order to keep our current rates and not charge for these tools, we are forming strategic marketing partnerships with select Christian organizations, much like Liberty University below. Please support these ministries, events, and companies so we may continue to build new features to offer the inJesus community.


How can you get involved?

#1: Pray for the hand of God to remain upon inJesus, its leadership, the Group Managers, and the community that it reaches!


#2: Continue to provide constructive feedback to our leadership team via your group managers.


#3: Know that any partnerships you see are with companies that profess Jesus as The Way, The Truth, The Life, and the only way to the Father. Please support them as possible.


Again, we are honored to serve our Lord by serving you! Celebrate!


Giving ministries a bigger net,

Dave Moore & Benj Miller



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