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Dec 26, 2005

DECEMBER 27, 2005

1 JOHN 1:1-4
Beloved: What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we
have seen with our eyes, what we looked upon and touched with our
hands concerns the Word of life– for the life was made visible; we
have seen it and testify to it and proclaim to you the eternal life
that was with the Father and was made visible to us– what we have
seen and heard we proclaim now to you, so that you too may have
fellowship with us; for our fellowship is with the Father and with
his Son, Jesus Christ. We are writing this so that our joy may be

JOHN 20:1A, 2-8
On the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene ran and went to Simon
Peter and to the other disciple whom Jesus loved, and told
them, "They have taken the Lord from the tomb, and we do not know
where they put him." So Peter and the other disciple went out and
came to the tomb. They both ran, but the other disciple ran faster
than Peter and arrived at the tomb first; he bent down and saw the
burial cloths there, but did not go in. When Simon Peter arrived
after him, he went into the tomb and saw the burial cloths there,
and the cloth that had covered his head, not with the burial cloths
but rolled up in a separate place. Then the other disciple also went
in, the one who had arrived at the tomb first, and he saw and

St. Jerome writes of St. John the Evangelist that in his old age,
when he could no longer walk without assistance and could hardly
speak, his disciples would carry him to the church.  At each service
at which he appeared he would repeat, "My little children, love one
another."  The disciples and the brothers and sisters who were
present, wearied by his constant repetition, once asked
him, "Master, why do you always say the same thing?"  John
replied, "because it is the Lord's command and if you do only this,
it suffices."

John begins his first letter (this morning's first reading) by
stating his credentials for what he is about to write in the
letter.  He and the other apostles had lived with Jesus and had
experienced him first hand .  .  .  "what we have heard, what we
have seen with our own eyes, what we have looked upon and our hands
have touched."   The Greek word we translate as looked upon means to
grasp the significance of a person or thing.  So the apostles had
experienced Jesus as much more than simply another human being. 
John says they knew him to be the revelation of the Father, the word
of life, the word of everlasting life.

With his credentials established, John's states that his purpose in
writing this letter is to introduce men and women into fellowship
with one another and with the Father and his son Jesus Christ.  In
other words John wants to create an environment in which the
followers of Jesus will learn how to love one another.  For
John `loving one another' was the heart of the Christian religion
and of Christian living.

This environment, in which love can grow, is what the Church is to

"Lord Jesus Christ, you have triumphed over the grave and you have
won new life for us. Give me the eyes of faith to see you in your
glory. Help me to draw near to you and to grow in the knowledge of
your great love and power."

We pray -
- for a deep and profound respect for life, especially for the
- in thanksgiving: all those who passed the recent nursing board
exams in Manila.
- for the eternal repose of the soul of Bert Pascual.  Eternal rest
grant unto him and may perpetual light shine upon him. May he and
all the souls of the dearly departed rest in peace.
- for the enlightenment and conversion of Armando.
- for the continued good health of Elsa & Paolo.
- for the personal intentions of Cha.
- for all the prayer intentions in the MTQ Dailyprayer Diary.
- Birthday: Francisco Sun
- Birthday: Lydia Cu
- Prayer Intention: Virgilio & Ma. Concepcion Calimon
- Wedding Anniversary: Charles & Anabel Lagdamayo
- Wedding Anniversary: John & Cynthia Tan
- Wedding Anniversary: Butch & Rose Narciso
- In Memoriam: Joaquin Yap
- for world peace and reconciliation.

Finally, we pray for one another, for those who have asked our
prayers and for those who need our prayers the most.

Have a good day!

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