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16 February 2016

16 February 2016
Tuesday, 1st Week of Lent

Is 55:10 – 11 / Mt 6: 7– 15.

1st Reading: Is 55:10 - 11
As the rain and the snow come down from the heavens and do not return till they have watered the earth, making it yield seed for the sower and food for others to eat, so is my word that goes forth out of my mouth:  it will not return to me idle, but it shall accomplish my will, the purpose for which it has been sent.

From the Gospel Reading: Mt 6: 9 - 13
Jesus said, "This, then, is how you should pray: Our Father in heaven, holy be your name, your kingdom come and your will be done, on earth as in heaven. Give us today the kind of bread we need. Forgive us our debts just as we have forgiven hose who are in debt to us.  Do not bring us to the test but deliver us from the evil one."

In the passage from the prophet Isaiah, God compares the grace He sends us to the rain and snow which water the earth, making it fertile and fruitful, and giving us food.  Grace is "the free and undeserved help that God gives us to respond to His call" (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1996).  Grace also demands our "free response" (CCC, 2002).  So, grace is a gift from God that inspires and empowers us but it does not transform us immediately.  We have to respond or yield in faith to the grace that God sends us in order for it to change us.

Grace and faith work together.  Imagine a father trying to get his child into the pool so he could teach her to swim.  He tells her not to be afraid, to jump into the water and he'll catch her.  The grace of God is like the father with his open arms, while the child's decision to jump into the water is an act of faith.  The child jumps in because she trusts the father and believes in his waiting, open and safe arms.  "Similarly, our leap of faith into the arms of Christ is the only way we'll be safe."

"Grace is costly because it calls us to leave behind our old selves and to follow God."  Like Abraham, Moses and our Blessed Mother Mary, they were all touched by grace, and they all surrendered their lives to God in faith, and God did wonders through them.

God's grace is always available to us.  May we all learn to stay connected to that grace and our Lord will see to it that the grace He sends "shall do my will, achieving the end for which I sent it" (Is 55: 11).

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     Harold O. Maristela

     Joey & Cita Roxas

     Siok Tuan Ang Lim (Nov 6, 1927 – Feb 16, 2005)
     Victor T. Nañagas

Finally, we pray for one another, for those who have asked our prayers and for those who need our prayers the most. 

Have a good day!

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