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NOVEMBER 16, 2006

Beloved: I have experienced much joy and encouragement from your
love, because the hearts of the holy ones have been refreshed by
you, brother. Therefore, although I have the full right in Christ to
order you to do what is proper, I rather urge you out of love, being
as I am, Paul, an old man, and now also a prisoner for Christ Jesus.
I urge you on behalf of my child Onesimus, whose father I have
become in my imprisonment, who was once useless to you but is now
useful to both you and me. I am sending him, that is, my own heart,
back to you. I should have liked to retain him for myself, so that
he might serve me on your behalf in my imprisonment for the Gospel,
but I did not want to do anything without your consent, so that the
good you do might not be forced but voluntary. Perhaps this is why
he was away from you for a while, that you might have him back
forever, no longer as a slave but more than a slave, a brother,
beloved especially to me, but even more so to you, as a man and in
the Lord. So if you regard me as a partner, welcome him as you would
me. And if he has done you any injustice or owes you anything,
charge it to me. I, Paul, write this in my own hand: I will pay. May
I not tell you that you owe me your very self. Yes, brother, may I
profit from you in the Lord. Refresh my heart in Christ.

LUKE 17:20-25
Asked by the Pharisees when the Kingdom of God would come, Jesus
said in reply, "The coming of the Kingdom of God cannot be observed,
and no one will announce, `Look, here it is,' or, `There it is.' For
behold, the Kingdom of God is among you." Then he said to his
disciples, "The days will come when you will long to see one of the
days of the Son of Man, but you will not see it. There will be those
who will say to you, `Look, there he is,' or `Look, here he is.' Do
not go off, do not run in pursuit. For just as lightning flashes and
lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man
be in his day. But first he must suffer greatly and be rejected by
this generation."

God's kingdom exists where there is compassion, kindness, fairness,
justice, forgiveness, mercy, gentleness, humility, hope, and
generosity. Are these not our hearts' desire for ourselves and for
those around us? Have we not observed ourselves in the past as
capable of these qualities? Let us not wait to be the recipients of
someone's act of kindness. Let us initiate and be proactive.

Let us be on the lookout for times when we can stand up for someone
in an unjust situation; when we can feed someone's physical hunger
but spiritual hunger as well; when we can free those imprisoned by
their fears, when we can help someone look at his situation through
God's eyes, when we can encourage those who feel discouraged.

Finally, the first reading gives us an actual example of what
building the kingdom is like. Paul writes to Philemon, a friend and
member of the church at Colossae. It seems that Philemon owned a
slave named Onesimus who ran away from him. Onesimus somehow meets
up with Paul in Rome and becomes a Christian. Since runaway slaves
are considered criminals, Paul asks Philemon if he could forgive
Onesimus and accept him back as he would accept Paul himself, not as
a slave but as a brother. In fact, Onesimus himself carries Paul's
letter to Philemon. We don't really know how the story ends but the
important point is that Paul is an active participant in building
God's kingdom by being proactive.

What a pity if the opportunities to build God's kingdom pass us by.
What a waste of an existence if we are unable to contribute to re-
creation. How can we account for ourselves at the end of time if we
are always fearful of engaging life and kept within our comfort

Like Onesimus, is there a call for us today to set something right?
Like Philemon, is there a call for us to forgive someone who
committed a "crime" against us? Like Paul, can we intercede for
someone who needs forgiveness? How can I help build God's kingdom

We pray ...
- for a deep and profound respect for life, especially for the unborn.
- for the personal intentions of Stefanie.
- for the personal intentions of Francis.
- for the speedy recovery of Bing Casingal.
- for the eternal repose of the soul of Jovita, Maria, Candido,
Alipio, Alfonso and Alfonsa. Eternal rest grant unto them and may
perpetual light shine upon them. May they and all the souls of the
dearly departed rest in peace.
- for the eternal repose of the soul of Arthur Reyes. Eternal rest
grant unto him and may perpetual light shine upon him. May he and
all the souls of the dearly departed rest in peace. May his loving
family be granted the grace of consolation.
- for all the prayer intentions in the MTQ Dailyprayer Diary.
- for world peace and reconciliation.

Finally, we pray for one another, for those who have asked our
prayers and for those who need our prayers the most.

Have a good day!

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