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MARCH 3, 2012

Dt 26:16-19 / Mt 5:43-48

On this day, Yahweh, your God, commands you to fulfill these norms and
these commandments. Obey them now and put them into practice with all
your heart and with all your soul. Today Yahweh has declared to you
that he will be your God, and so you shall follow his ways, observing
his norms, his commandments and his laws, and listening to his voice.
Today Yahweh has declared that you will be his very own people even as
he had promised you, and you must obey all his commandments. He, for
his part, will give you honor, renown and glory, and set you high
above all the nations he has made, and you will become a nation
consecrated to Yahweh, your God, as he has declared.

MATTHEW 5:43-48
You have heard that it was said: Love your neighbor and do not do good
to your enemy. But this I tell you: love your enemies, and pray for
those who persecute you, so that you may be children of your Father in
Heaven. For he makes his sun rise on both the wicked and the good, and
he gives rain to both the just and the unjust. If you love those who
love you, what is special about that? Do not even tax collectors do as
much? And if you are friendly only to your friends, what is so
exceptional about that? Do not even the pagans do as much? As for you,
be righteous and perfect in the way your heavenly Father is righteous
and perfect.

The covenant between God and His people can be summed up thus: "I
shall be your God and you shall be My people." Throughout the early
history of Israel, man failed to live by the statutes of this
covenant, but God had remained faithful to His promises, intervening
whenever Israel went astray.

There are many mysteries that man can ever understand by himself or
fulfill without help from God. God sent Jesus to show us what
seemingly remained impossible would become possible. Through Jesus,
the Way, the Truth and the Life, it is now possible for us to become
what Jesus urges us to be when he said, "You must therefore be perfect
just as our heavenly Father is perfect."

The divine mysteries of God's ways as revealed through the life and
teachings of Jesus can now elevate the proper way of understanding and
living out God's will for us. By this, God's will become our will,
which makes all the difference, and it becomes exceptional in the eyes
of the non-believing world. Christians will thus become the Light and
Salt of the earth and the world will then be turned right side up.

In a personal way, have we considered praying to God, "You shall be my
God and I shall be your people" and really meant it, and really worked
with others in becoming the community of believers? Have we considered
lowering our egoistic "me-first" mentality to give in to a "God-first"
and "Your-will-be-done" mentality?

We pray …
… for a deep and profound respect for life, especially for the
… for the speedy recovery and healing of
- Tung-Jou Sheh
- Renan Lacida
- Mon Torres
- Rakkie Villa
- Tonie Lingad
- Dr. Rowena Lacida-Yap
- Renan Lacida
- Chief Samrose Anyaugo
… for the personal intentions of
- Pauline
- Dr. Ugo Anyaugo, Mr. Ogechi Anyaugo, Barr Obinna Okoronkwo, Barr Mrs
Barbs Adaugo Okoronkwo, Mr .Ify Mathias Anyaugo, Mr Chuboy Anyaugo,
Kelechi Ozurumba Cordelia Anyaugo
... Birthday: Dolores Go
… for the eternal repose of the souls of
- Jose Victor "Vic" V. Olaguera
- Rolando C. Sambile
Eternal rest grant unto them and may perpetual light shine upon them.
May they and all the dearly departed rest in peace.
… for all the prayer intentions in the MTQ Dailyprayer Diary.
- Birthday: Romeo M. Diaz
- Birthday: Lelet B. Barizo
- Birthday: Bianca Anne Reyes
- Birthday: Erlinda E. Panlilio
- Wedding Anniversary: Ian & Jinkee So
… for families who are in need of healing
… for world peace and reconciliation.

Finally, we pray for one another, for those who have asked our prayers
and for those who need our prayers the most.

Have a good day!


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