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AUGUST 17, 2010

EZEKIEL 28:1-10
The word of Yahweh was addressed to me as follows, 'Son of man, say to
the ruler of Tyre, "The Lord Yahweh says this: Because your heart has
grown proud, you thought: I am a god; I am divinely enthroned far out
to sea. Though you are human, not divine, you have allowed yourself to
think like God. So, you are wiser than Danel; no sage as wise as you!
By your wisdom and your intelligence you have made yourself a fortune,
you have put gold and silver into your treasuries. Such is your skill
in trading, your fortune has continued to increase, and your fortune
has made your heart grow prouder. "And so, the Lord Yahweh says this:
Since you have allowed yourself to think like God, very well, I am
going to bring foreigners against you, the most barbarous of the
nations. They will draw sword against your fine wisdom, they will
desecrate your splendour, they will throw you down into the grave and
you will die a violent death far out to sea. Will you still think: I
am a god, when your slaughterers confront you? But you will be human,
not divine, in the clutches of the ones who strike you down! You will
die like the uncircumcised at the hand of foreigners. "For I have
spoken -- declares the Lord Yahweh." '

MATTHEW 19:23-30
Then Jesus said to his disciples, 'In truth I tell you, it is hard for
someone rich to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Yes, I tell you again, it
is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for
someone rich to enter the kingdom of Heaven.' When the disciples heard
this they were astonished. 'Who can be saved, then?' they said. Jesus
gazed at them. 'By human resources', he told them, 'this is
impossible; for God everything is possible.' Then Peter answered and
said, 'Look, we have left everything and followed you. What are we to
have, then?' Jesus said to them, 'In truth I tell you, when everything
is made new again and the Son of man is seated on his throne of glory,
you yourselves will sit on twelve thrones to judge the twelve tribes
of Israel. And everyone who has left houses, brothers, sisters,
father, mother, children or land for the sake of my name will receive
a hundred times as much, and also inherit eternal life. 'Many who are
first will be last, and the last, first.'

In today's world, many people think that they can do without God. They
don't need him. Money is more important. With money you can do
everything. Jesus' description of the danger of affluence was
penetrating. Like seed among thorns, materialists are stifled by the
cares, riches and pleasures of life, and they do not mature. They
remain ridiculously small in the eyes of God. Their desires and their
love cannot expand. They are enslaved by a thousand needs, for the
latest fashions, for a beautiful house with two or more cars, for a
television and computer set on ever y floor, another new computer
game, costly and lavish parties. Such people are progressively choked
spiritually and mentally.

Although Jesus often spoke of the dangers of wealth, he did not say
that it was impossible for the rich to enter the kingdom of God. It is
not that those who have riches are shut out from the kingdom of God.
It is not that riches are evil in themselves but they are a danger to
our eternal salvation. Being rich is a mixed blessing. Being poor can
be a great blessing. It is when we place more importance for wealth
than God that we are in danger. It all depends on our attitude towards
wealth and its place and its proper use in God's Kingdom here on

We pray …
… for a deep and profound respect for life, especially for the
… for the speedy recovery and healing of
- Ely Lara
- Jo Marcelo
- Jun Lee
- Mon Torres
- Rita P. Cuerva
- Henni
- See Yung Hui
- Susan
… for the personal intentions of
- Veronica Yap
- Titong V.
- Patrick and Mary Ann
- Vincent
- J.E.S.
… for the eternal repose of the souls of
- Avelina Sesaldo
Eternal rest grant unto them and may perpetual light shine upon them.
May they and all the dearly departed rest in peace.
… for all the prayer intentions in the MTQ Dailyprayer Diary.
- Birthday: Sis. Rose Tacardo
… for world peace and reconciliation.

Finally, we pray for one another, for those who have asked our prayers
and for those who need our prayers the most.

Have a good day!


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