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Saturday, 24th Week in Ordinary Time

17 September 2016 

Saturday, 24th Week in Ordinary Time

St. Robert Bellarmine, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

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1 Cor 15: 35 – 37, 42 – 49.      Lk 8: 4 – 15


[Bicolandia: Ina, Our Lady of Penafrancia]


An Italian of noble family, St. Robert Bellarmine (1542 – 1621), a Jesuit and Cardinal-Archbishop of Capua, was a great scholar and theologian, a writer and systematic apologist of the Catholic Counter-Reformation.


From the Gospel Reading: Lk 8: 4 – 8, 11 - 15

As a great crowd gathered and people came to him from every town, Jesus began teaching them through stories, or parables,  "The sower went out to sow the seed. And as he sowed, some of the grain fell along the way, was trodden on and the birds of the sky ate it up. Some fell on rocky ground, and no sooner had it come up than it withered, because it had no water. Some fell among thorns; the thorns grew up with the seed and choked it.  But some fell on good soil and grew, producing fruit – a hundred times as much." And Jesus cried out, "Listen then, if you have ears to hear!"


"Now, this is the point of the parable: The seed is the word of God. Those along the wayside are people who hear it, but immediately the devil comes and takes the word from their minds, for he doesn't want them to believe and be saved. Those on the rocky ground are people who receive the word with joy, but they have no root; they believe for a while and give way in time of trial. Among the thorns are people who hear the word but as they go their way, are choked by worries, riches, and the pleasures of life; they bring no fruit to maturity. The good soil, instead, are people who receive the word and keep it in a gentle and generous mind, and persevering patiently, they bear fruit."



Today's Gospel parable builds on our understanding of sowing and reaping.  Sowing is to spread seeds that have to die in order to give life to a new form and being – the plant of the seed itself.  Reaping is harvesting of the fruit or grain of the plants from the seeds  sown in order to provide grain for the  nourishment for people.


The seeds that were sown in different environments lead to different results:  some do not even grow but are eaten by birds; some grow poorly for lack of soil or water or because they are choked by thorns.  Only those sown on good soil grow well and provide much grain for the harvest.


In similar fashion God's word is received in different ways. Only those who receive God's word with faith, patience and perseverance bear much fruit.


How do we receive God's word?  What results do we provide?






     Pamela Denise C. Inocencio

     Jigger Jamir

     Annie Aberin



     Warren and Jennie Lo



     Fr. Juan Andechaga, SJ

     Marie Amy O'Gorman


Finally, we pray for one another, for those who have asked our prayers and for those who need our prayers the most. 


Have a good day!



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