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DECEMBER 13, 2012

Is 41:13-20 / Mt 11:11-15

ISAIAH 41:13-20
For I, Yahweh, your God, take hold of your right hand and say to you: "Fear not, I am your assistance." Fear not, Jacob, poor worm, and you, people of Israel, so frail. I am your redeemer, says Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel, your helper. I will make you a thresher, new and with sharp double teeth: you will thresh hills and mountains, crushing them and reducing them to chaff. You will winnow them, the wind will carry them off and the storm will scatter them. But you will rejoice in Yahweh and glory in the Holy One of Israel. The poor and the afflicted seek water, and find none. Their tongues are parched with thirst. But I, Yahweh, will hear them; I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them. I will open up streams over the barren heights and let the rivers flow through all the valleys; I will turn the desert into lakes and brooks and the thirsty earth into a land of springs. I will plant in the wilderness the cedar, the acacia, the myrtle and the olive; I will plant in the wasteland fir, cypress and pine—that all may see and know, consider and understand, that the hand of Yahweh has done this, that the Holy One of Israel has created it.

MATTHEW 11:11-15
I tell you this: no one greater than John the Baptist has come forward from among the sons of women, and yet the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven is something to be conquered, and violent men seize it. Up to the time of John, there was only prophesy: all the prophets and the Law. And if you believe me, John is that Elijah, whose coming was predicted. Let anyone with ears listen!

Jesus praises John the Baptist as being more than a prophet. He is the one referred to in the Scripture as the messenger sent by God to prepare the way for Jesus' coming. Jesus reminds his audience that all the prophecies point to John. Since John, the proclamation of the Kingdom of heaven has met with violence. This violence can come from the power of evil to thwart the advance of the kingdom of God. (Mt. 1:12)

Nowadays, there are other ways of hindering the growth of God's Kingdom here on earth – our inordinate desire for more possessions and pleasure; our indifference to the needs of the poor; our envy of others' successes; our lack of interest to share the good news to others; our failure to read, to listen and to act to the Word of God. Yahweh says repeatedly "Do not be afraid! I will help you" (Is 41:13). Let us ask our Lord Jesus to give us the courage and the strength to listen to His Word, to proclaim the Good News of God's Kingdom whenever or wherever we are.

We pray …
… for a deep and profound respect for life, especially for the unborn.
… for the speedy recovery and healing of
- Mon Torres
- Fleur Torres
- Ditas dela Paz
- Pam Cleveland
… for the personal intentions of Pauline
… for the eternal repose of the souls of
- Chhaya Nandi
- Doddie Alvarado
- Bernarda Rivera
- Joel Ordiz
Eternal rest grant unto them and may perpetual light shine upon them. May they and all the dearly departed rest in peace.
… for all the prayer intentions in the MTQ Dailyprayer Diary.
- Birthday: James Lim Yu
- Birthday: Jessica Ho Gotamco
- Birthday: Christian Emmanuel Ching
- Birthday: Jesus A. Diaz, S.J.
- Birthday: Harold S Macasaquit
- In Memoriam (+): James Yao E. Heong
… for families who are in need of healing
… for world peace and reconciliation.

Finally, we pray for one another, for those who have asked our prayers and for those who need our prayers the most.

Have a good day!

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