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JUNE 16, 2013

2 S 12:7-10,13 / Ps 32: 1-2. 5. 7. 11 / Gal 2:16,19-21 / Lk 7:36-8:3

2 Samuel 12:7-10,13
Nathan said to David, "You are this man! It is Yahweh, God of Israel, who speaks: `I anointed you king over Israel and saved you from Saul's hands; I gave you your master's house and your master's wives; I also gave you the nation of Israel and Judah. But if this were not enough, I would have given you even more. Why did you despise Yahweh by doing what displeases him? You struck down Uriah the Hittite with the sword and took his wife for yourself. Yes, you killed him with the sword of the Ammonites. Now the sword will never be far from your family because you have despised me and taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite for yourself. David said to Nathan, "I have sinned against Yahweh." Nathan answered him, "Yahweh has forgiven your sin; you shall not die.

Galatians 2:16,19-21
Yet we know that a person is justified not by practicing the law but by faith in Christ Jesus. So we have believed in Christ Jesus that we may receive true righteousness from faith in Christ Jesus, and not from the practices of the Law, because no one will be justified by the works of the law. As for me, the very Law brought me to die to the Law, that I may live for God. I am crucified with Christ. Do I live? It is no longer me, Christ lives in me. My life in this body is life through faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me. In this way I don't ignore the gift of God, for, if justification comes through the practice of the Law, Christ would have died for nothing.

Luke 7:36-8:3
One of the Pharisees asked Jesus to share his meal, so he went to the Pharisee's home, and as usual reclined at the table to eat. And it happened that a woman of this town, who was known as a sinner, heard that he was in the Pharisee's house. She brought an alabaster jar of perfume, and stood behind him, at his feet, weeping. She wet his feet with her tears, she dried them with her hair, she kissed his feet and poured the perfume on them. The Pharisee who had invited Jesus was watching, and thought, "If this man were a prophet, he would know what sort of person is touching him; isn't this woman a sinner?" Then Jesus spoke to the Pharisee and said, "Simon, I have something to ask you." He answered, "Speak, master." And Jesus said, "Two people were in debt to the same creditor. One owed him five hundred silver coins, and the other fifty. As they were unable to pay him back, he graciously canceled the debts of both. Now, which of them will love him more?" Simon answered, "The one, I suppose, who was forgiven more." And Jesus said, "You are right." And turning toward the woman, he said to Simon, "Do you see this woman? You gave me no water for my feet when I entered your house, but she has washed my feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. You didn't welcome me with a kiss, but she has not stopped kissing my feet since she came in. You provided no oil for my head, but she has poured perfume on my feet. This is why, I tell you, her sins, her many sins, are forgiven, because of her great love. But the one who is forgiven little, has little love." Then Jesus said to the woman, "Your sins are forgiven." The others reclining with him at the table began to wonder, "Now this man claims to forgive sins!" But Jesus again spoke to the woman, "Your faith has saved you; go in peace!" Jesus walked through towns and countryside, preaching and giving the good news of the kingdom of God. The Twelve followed him, and also some women, who had been healed of evil spirits and diseases: Mary called Magdalene, who had been freed of seven demons; Joan na, wife of Chuza, Herod's steward; Suzanna, and others who provided for them out of their own funds.

In the gospel we hear of a penitent woman known to be a sinner who went to Jesus. She sat by his side and wept. Her tears wet the feet of Jesus which she wiped with her hair. She kissed the feet of Jesus while perfuming them with the oil she brought. She did not speak but the only thing she did was to cry out of sorrow. Here is a woman who is truly sorry for her sins because of her reputation. Probably she thought that her sins were unforgivable, and she could pour out everything to Jesus. She probably heard that Jesus would be the answer to her unfortunate situation.

Jesus Christ, to test Simon, proposed a question. He said, "Two persons owed a sum of money to a creditor, but since they could not pay, their debts were written off. Which one, do you think, will love the creditor more?" Jesus Christ was satisfied when Simon answered that the one who owed the larger sum would be more grateful. Jesus looked at the woman and was amazed at her sincere sorrow and great love. He said to her, "Your faith has been your salvation."

The story of the penitent woman is also our own story. There are times when we are careless and uncontrollable. We go to confession hoping to change our lives but it seems nothing is happening. Why is this so? One reason could be that we lack the faith. Going to confession becomes very mechanical. We think that going to mass on Sundays, reading the scriptures, praying, would be enough to make up for our carelessness. But that is not enough. We have to be more determined to deepen our faith in God. We have to put into action what we have read and heard. We should be more worthy in the eyes of God to merit His forgiveness. We cannot be just Sunday Catholics.

In the first reading, David did an abominable sin by taking the life of Uriah and taking Uriah's wife as his own. God was angry with David for doing such an evil thing and told him, "I will bring evil upon you out of your own house." David repented for his sins and Nathan told him, "The Lord on His part has forgiven your sins. You shall not die." But because you spurned the Lord by this deed, the child born to you must die." David besought the Lord for the life of the child. He fasted, wore sackcloth but still the child died. David was the anointed one but because of his weakness such horrible things happened to him. He was punished by God. But God is a loving God and his sins were forgiven.

Today we are living in a very precarious world. Committing crimes is becoming ordinary, corruption is everywhere, temptations are plentiful and it is easy to get lost in this world. In spite of what we see in this world, if we fixed our eyes on God and His saving grace, then we know that we can be redeemed and be back in the arms of God. The repentant woman was a sinner. David committed a grievous sin. But they both repented and changed their lives. We know that we can do it, too, if we love God.

We pray …
… for a deep and profound respect for life, especially for the unborn.
… for the speedy recovery and healing of
- Elizabeth Lim
- Lydia, Jennette & Kevin Francis Christian Pe
- Ditas dela Paz, Toots Monfort, Virginia Hernandez, and Fleur Torres
… for the personal intentions of
- Jose Rigor, Maria Fatima Nona and Ernesto
- JP
… for the eternal repose of the souls of
- Alejandro Lecaros, Ramon Torres, Pilar David
- Eddy Co Chua
Eternal rest grant unto them and may perpetual light shine upon them. May they and all the dearly departed rest in peace.
… for all the prayer intentions in the MTQ Dailyprayer Diary.
- Birthday: Sr. Lutgarda Raagas RVM
- Wedding Anniversary: James & Josie Tan Gotamco
- Wedding Anniversary: Sheryl & Peter Lim III
- Wedding Anniversary: Jeannette & Atty Biddy Tan
- Wedding Anniversary: Cresencio & Celia C. Jao
- In Memoriam (+): Lim Yu Leng Tiu (1907-1994)
- In Memoriam (+): Leonarda Uy
- In Memoriam (+): Miguel T. Granados
… for families who are in need of healing
… for world peace and reconciliation.

Finally, we pray for one another, for those who have asked our prayers and for those who need our prayers the most.

Have a good day!


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