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12 January 2016 Weekday, 1st Week in Ordinary Time

12 January 2016 

Weekday, 1st Week in Ordinary Time

Green.        1 Sm 1: 9 – 20.         Mk 1: 21 – 28.


From the 1st Reading:     1 Sm 1: 10 – 11, 19b - 20

Deeply distressed Hannah wept and prayed to Yahweh, and made this vow, "O Yahweh of hosts if only your will have compassion on your maidservant and give me a son ,I will put him in your service for as long as he lives and no razor shall touch his head."  . . .


When Elkanah slept with is wife Hannah, Yahweh took compassion on her, and she became pregnant. She gave birth to a son and called him Samuel because she said:  "I have asked Yahweh to give him to me."


Gospel Reading:     Mk 1: 21 - 28

They went into the town of Capernaum and Jesus taught in the synagogue on the Sabbath day.  The people were astonished at the way he taught, for he spoke as one having authority and not like the teachers of the Law.


It happened that a man with an evil spirit was in their synagogue, and he shouted, "What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth?  Have you come to destroy us?  I know who you are: you are the Holy One of God."  Then Jesus faced him and said with authority, "Be silent, and come out of this man!"  The evil spirit shook the man violently and, with a loud shriek, came out of him.


All the people were astonished, and they wondered, "What is this?  With what authority he preaches!  He even gives orders to evil spirits and they obey him!"  And Jesus' fame spread throughout all the country of Galilee.



The first reading tells us about Hannah who is unable to bear children.  She begs God for a son and she is given a son.  The Gospel narrates the story of Jesus driving away an evil spirit from a man possessed.  Both scriptural texts refer to near impossible situations – a woman unable to bear children and a man possessed by an evil spirit.  In both cases, God listens to the human need expressed and answers them.  


* What "near-impossible" situation am I faced with?

* Have I called to God for help?

* Do I have faith that He will respond?

* Am I open to God's response even though it may not be the one I want to hear?


Finally, we pray for one another, for those who have asked our prayers and for those who need our prayers the most. 


Have a good day!



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