Wednesday, June 15, 2005


LUKE 12:54-59

Can we read the signs of the times today? Jesus tells us that we look at the sky and can predict what sort of weather we'll have. But we can't read the signs of the times. We need a new kind of vision, a new kind of discernment to read these signs. Where is our life headed today? Are we treading on the path of goodness or are we headed towards ruin?

We should treat every event that happens today, as a call to conversion from God. We should be able to interpret these events in the light of salvation from God. God calls to us. He is running after us. He is interested in our salvation. For this reason Jesus had to die on the cross. Jesus' whole intention and mission was to present us with an escape from death, a way to eternal salvation. If we do not constantly exercise our power of discernment, this spiritual faculty may atrophy and blind us to the grace of salvation God offers us.

Jesus sends us prophets. He sends us the daily gospel readings, which call out to us. The readings – they are the word of God that impart to us the wisdom and discernment we need if we are to learn to read the signs of our times. It is a gift, a grace, to "understand" and interpret what is happening to us.

The evil one can suggest wrong interpretations to us. When we feel neglected by our spouses or members of our family, for instance, the ensuing loneliness may tempt us to seek solace through other means. We may think that what is, in fact sinful, is good for us, that what the Church teaches is already "passé," no longer applicable. In such a situation our only hope would be that the Holy Spirit impose himself on us and revitalize our faculty of discernment. With the Church's guidance then we would find proper direction for our lives.

The Gospel speaks of an urgency to convert, to turn ourselves totally to the Lord. If not, we will have to pay for our sins to the last penny. Why do we not offer our sins to the Lord who wants to take them away and forgive us. This is certain wisdom and certain truth. To be converted today, not tomorrow. Let us all discern and reflect on what is truly right.

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