Monday, June 13, 2005


LUKE 11:47-54

If we felt that we have hurt or offended others, we do our best to redeem ourselves from the mistakes we have committed against them and ourselves. We may seek atonement as the only way to take away the guilt in our hearts. Or, we may contribute time and money to charitable projects to atone for the sins committed against others.

We often forget that God had sent His only Son to atone for our sins. We have sinned and instead, it was Jesus who died to atone for our wrong doings. The grace of God is with us through the redemption in Christ Jesus. Do we always remember to be grateful for this grace?

Today's gospel is a powerfully admonishes not only the people who killed the prophets that God sent but also the people who condoned the killing and built their tombs. God's messengers and servants served in the best of their ability. But still, there are those who, with the slightest provocation, chose to criticize them, find faults and continue to persecute them. Its no wonder that the "Pharisees began to oppose Jesus fiercely and tried to find fault in the things that he said".

Let us reflect on our lives, in our actions, thoughts and deeds. Can we do more than be true to the teachings of Jesus, help those who are dedicated in serving the Church, especially the priests, bishops, nuns, religious … those of whom whose task is to serve the true Shepherd?

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